In just 90 days we will create
50 quality conversations daily,
and book 2-3 calls/day.

Keep reading to see how to we do it.

HOW: After we get to know your ideal client avatar, It’s time to make friends. We will send 30 Facebook requests per day for two weeks. Assuming we do not get flagged, we will Increase by ten requests every other week until we can consistently reach 100 requests per day.

As we reach 100 requests daily, this task will take up to 3.5 hours/per day. This means 24.5 hours a week off your hands!

Once the request has been accepted we welcome our new friends to your community and begin building a long and nurturing relationship.

What’s better? Your leads are neatly organized and updated daily, so you’ll never miss out on the potential.

Better RelationshipsWith Clients

HOW: Anyone who’s ever made a friend knows that keeping them is often the hard part. The same can be said of social media relationships. We spend 30-45 minutes each day interacting with your target audience. The more you pop up in their notifications, the more they are going to look at your page and change the algorithm for you to pop up on their newsfeed.

Never Miss
a Lead

HOW: Organization is key here. We’ll have a thorough list of your Facebook friends and sort out your personal connections. In short, we keep a close eye on anyone actively watching you. No interaction goes unnoticed.

Fill Your Agenda
With Quality Calls

HOW: 30 conservations a day. Because talking is the best part of friendship, right? Once we have developed a pool of leads, we start regular conversations that turn your Facebook friends into potential clients.

Our goal in 90 days is to create 50 quality conversations daily, and book 2-3 quality calls daily.