I’ve gone through
the same struggles
you did.

Since starting my business in 2019, I’ve kinda had my own spiritual awakening. I’ve realized there’s so much more to this universe and I can’t keep living the way I was. There’s an abundance of things that I still have to experience. And if I wanted change, I had to do something about it. I couldn’t keep letting these dead end jobs tell me how much my time is worth, when and how long I can take a vacation, and the amount of hours I need to put in. I went from the corporate world my entire career to full on entrepreneurship with ZERO EXPERIENCE. I invested into myself by hiring a coach, bought many courses, and used the speed of implementation to get things into action. I’ve seen the good and ugly of how business works. I don’t think anybody, not even any of my coaches, could have prepared me for what a person goes through while running their own business, their first one at that! I mention this because I’ve gone through the same struggles you are.

Building an empire
isn’t easy.
We can help.

Building an empire isn’t easy, it isn’t done overnight, and it certainly isn’t done alone. I know from experience how hard it is to find someone who is reliable, trustworthy, willing to learn, and a straight up hustler when it comes to building your own business. Because let’s be real, if you aren’t a go-getter, this isn’t the game for you. Virtual Setters is here to confidently help you finish the tedious tasks you’ve been putting off, systematize and complete your daily KPI’s, and most importantly, put more names in the books. I’ve created Virtual Setters so we can win together.

I offer a wide variety of services that go from managing your social media to improving the SEO from your website.

Are you ready to start growing?